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What is unique about our process

Imperatives for successful software development

  • Iterative development – Every phase is rapidly developed to accommodate any quick changes from the clients.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Develop reusable components, which can cater the same business functionalities.
  • Continuously ensure quality – Rigorous testing periodically ensures that quality is improving every time.
  • Change management and assets – Use of software configuration management tools to control release levels, project requirements and schedule integrity.
  • Everything mentioned above with the best price- We ensure you the best price bundled with your solution without compromising on the quality. All this fitting right your timeframe and beating your expected budget.

At  Symanto, the project management processes are aided by practices in line with the best practices in the industry. These processes address every key aspect of a project across the project life cycle, including:

  • Project planning
  • Project monitoring, reporting procedure and review mechanisms
  • Project risk management
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Issue escalation and resolution

At the outset of every engagement, Symanto’s robust project planning and estimation processes delineate all aspects of the project, including:

  • Project profile
  • Project processes related to life-cycle, change management etc
  • Deliverables and effort estimates
  • Goals and milestones
  • Project tracking: tasks, issues, quality, client feedback, reviews, reporting, escalation
  • Defect estimates and defect prevention
  • Project team roles, skills, key personnel, training
  • Risks and mitigation plan

Our application maintenance services deliver:

  • Reduction in total cost.
  • Improve applications stability
  • Drive continuous improvements in quality of services

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

  • Use the knowledge acquired in coming up with transformation plan
  • Optimize
  • Innovate
  • Expand
  • Improve the productivity thus reducing the cost of maintenance
  • Transform
  • Consolidate
  • Replace